New Castle, Wilmington Binding Services, Tape Binding, Velo binding, Wire Binding, Coil Binding 
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Binding Services

AIE makes Binding in Delaware than ever! Our Binding Department
well equipped for any type of Binding Services. We Carrying all kind
Binding Material with different color options
We guarantee to complete your project with perfect
Binding Solutions in same day or 24 hours.

  • Binding Services
  • ............
  • Bind Up To 20" Paper Size
  • ............
  • Binding Up To 350 Sheets
  • ............
  • 1000 Bind daily Capacity
  • ............
  • Over 250 Different Types
    and Sizes in stock
  • Our Binding Services Included
  • Free Pickup & Delivery In Delaware
  • Same Day Binding Services
  • No Rush Service Charge
  • Our Binding Machines New And Under Manufacture Maintained For Best Binding Quality
  • Our Binding Department Ready
    To Operate 24 / 7 For Any Large Job
  • With Minimum $100 order
  • AIE Provide Full Range
    Binding Services
  • We Print/Copy
    We Bind
  • .............
  • You Print or Copy
    Bring Us
    We Bind
  • .............
We Provide All Types Binding Covers With Different Color
  • Linen Weave
  • Card Stock
  • Metallics
  • Sand Poly
  • Frost Poly
  • Thermal Cover
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  • Clear Cover
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Fast Back cover
  • Imprintables
  • Grain
  • Twill


If you need a clean finish look to documents, restaurant menus, or photos; AIE offers exclusive lamination service. All our laminated prints are enclosed
with a UV-protected polyester film with options to glossy, luster, and matte finishes.
By using lamination services, you can protect your documents from finger prints, restaurant menus  from food spills, and photos from wearing off.